Member Stories

Choosing the best health care for you and your family can be a tough decision. Sometimes it’s helpful to hear about the experiences of other Federal employees.

A better health-care system


“Kaiser Permanente's integrated system is a better place to get health care. I had previously resisted going to an HMO, wanting to choose my own doctors, but Kaiser's are better than the ones I chose before. My primary care physician is the best I've ever had, and his referrals to specialists have been excellent.”

A good fit

D. E.

“Kaiser has always been a good fit for me and my family.”

Flexible Care


“I had knee surgery in December and was having trouble scheduling my physical therapy due to my work schedule. Kaiser allowed me to get therapy from three different locations to accommodate my hectic schedule. Now, thanks to a new type of knee surgery and flexible physical therapy, I am now pain free and I'm training for a sprint triathlon. Thank you Kaiser!”

Kaiser is EASY!


“One of the many things that I really appreciate about Kaiser is the fact that I DON"T HAVE TO FILL OUT ENDLESS PAPERWORK every time I go to the doctor. Rarely do I EVER have to complete a form for additional information. Also, no paperwork for insurance claims. This eliminates time and energy spent with claiming and trying to be reimbursed.”

Everything I needed


“How amazing to have everything in one place. Labs, pharmacy, vaccination, consultation, specialist or just a nurse to answer your questions. Everything you need in a timely manner.”

Good medical care and advice available round the clock


“If you are injured or sick after hours you can call the advice line for help or an appointment to the after hours clinic where your medical records are readily available. This can save hours of waiting in hospital emergency rooms and the nuisance of filling out hospital forms.”