Member Stories

Choosing the best health care for you and your family can be a tough decision. Sometimes it’s helpful to hear about the experiences of other Federal employees. Share your story below.

Love, love, love KP


“Love, love, love KP. I am happy that KP is my insurance carrier through the federal employee benefits program. Much thanks for this great benefit and program. ”

Nothing beats the convenience!


“Have been a Kaiser member for almost 20 years now and nothing beats the convenience and easy access to services of having all your medical services in one building.”

Personalized care


“I love Kaiser doctors. Every visit they have made sure to examine all issues and eliminate doubt or questions regarding my symptoms. They always make me feel comfortable and reassured. My primary care physician goes that extra step and takes time to listen to every question and every concern. I love the email option as well. Questions are answered so quickly. The preventive care is the best. They strive to make sure we don't get sick; that we stay well.”

Wonderful doctor


“I have a wonderful doctor, if I need an answer to a medical question answered, the office will call me the same day, Kaiser takes very good care of me, friendly staff. I wouldn't have another insurance plan. Very satisfied. ”

Perfect health care


“I haven't been this well cared for since my pediatrician made house calls 60 years ago. The care is perfect from reception to intake and from exam to treatment. The entire staff, from doctors thru maintenance, is wonderful. On-line access simplifies everything.Thank you, Kaiser.”

Three great reasons


“Three things make Kaiser the best. One, the doctors are super-competent. In 30 years, I have never felt poorly served. All the staff are courteous and competent. Two, there is no hassle. No papers, nobody in an office making decisions about whether or not you can be treated, just call up and get an appointment. Three, they are organized toward health. They talk to one another. They encourage good health habits. They offer free classes to help prevent or treat illness.”

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