Workforce Health

Offer your agency a healthy future

Total health affects productivity

A healthy, productive workforce is your biggest asset — and your answer to stronger performance and lower overall costs. As a federal agency manager, you’re in a unique position to influence decision-making so your employees make better choices. Ones that can reduce medical risks, enhance overall health, and help your business grow. Capitalize on your influence and develop a culture of health using an effective suite of tools and resources from Kaiser Permanente.

Build a culture of health in your workplace

People often need additional support and motivation to take those first steps toward a healthier lifestyle. With these workforce tools – available to you no matter where you are, you can give your employees the resources they need to actively participate in their health at home, online, in person, and on the go. Pick and choose among the specific programs to address the conditions that are most relevant to your workplace. You can also encourage your employees to access these tools directly to learn about their lifestyle behaviors, help manage their chronic conditions, and support individual health goals. Kaiser Permanente offers free programs to help with:

  • Weight management
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Stress and mental health
  • Heart health

To learn more about launching and managing an effective health and productivity program download our Workforce health resource guide.

We also offer a flyer that encourages your employees to get health screenings, and provides tips for improving their health.