Welcome to the Federal Human Resources / Payroll Officer Services

We're Here for You

In an effort to assist you with engaging your workforce this dedicated Human Resources and Payroll Officer site has been created for you. The goal is to make sure you have access to the tools and resources you need to do your job, conveniently located in one place.  You will find dedicated pages for workforce health, a resource library with your rates and benefit information, forms, plans, the contact information you need and more, at your fingertips.

Workforce Health Page

Healthier and more engaged employees are one of the main keys to a successful and productive team. We understand that getting them there can be a challenge but we’re here to help you.  We’ve got a wide-range of proven workforce health programs, tools and tips that you can implement today. Inside you will find both a resource guide as well as a member guide to get you going.

Resources Page

Your resources page is a convenient spot to view, download and print all of your group’s plan information, rates and benefits, brochures, enrollment forms, new member information, facility location information, and much more.

Contacts Page

Your account team is here to support you engaging your workforce and answer any questions you or your employees may have about your FEHB plan benefits. You can quickly and easily find the contact information for your local Kaiser Permanente account team, in addition to contact information for customer service.